New SoapBox Snap Feature: Signal Lookup Table for Arduino Runtime

SoapBox Snap version 2015.11.01 has just been released, with a bug fix (dragging and dropping an instruction to the left of itself could cause an editor crash) and a new feature: the ability to export a lookup table of signals and addresses to a CSV file (for the Arduino Runtime).

If you’re using the Arduino Runtime for SoapBox Snap and you want to hook it up to something over the serial port, you’ll need to be able to read and write signal values. Due to space limitations in the Arduino, storing the lookup table between signal name and address is just too costly, so there was no easy way to figure out which address your coil signal was in. This release adds an Export Signal Table feature to solve this problem.

Go to Tools -> Options… and find the SoapBox Snap Arduino Runtime options page. Check the box called Export Signal Table, and enter a (fully qualified) directory where you want the table exported to. Now every time you do a download of your program to the Arduino, Snap will create a CSV file listing the address, signal type, signal name, and the comment. Now you can lookup which address corresponds to which signal name.


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