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Problems with 64-bit Operating Systems

If you tried SoapBox Snap with a 64-bit operation system and had a problem, we apologize. If you try the new download, it should work better for you.

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Use PC Game Controllers as Input Devices

We’ve just put a new version of SoapBox Snap up for download (version 2011.03.01). This version adds a new I/O driver for DirectX compatible game controllers.

If you have an old joystick, racing wheel, or game pad for your PC lying around, you can now use it to drive discrete and analog inputs in your SoapBox Snap ladder logic program. SoapBox Snap will automatically detect your game controllers the same way it auto-detects Phidgets devices:

  1. Connect to the runtime
  2. Under the runtime node, right click on Device Configuration
  3. Click the Read Configuration option

That forces you to disconnect from the runtime after reading the configuration. You can just re-connect and choose to download your application if you want to try it out right away. You will be able to see the discrete inputs light up when you press the buttons on your controller. To see the analog inputs (axes) working, you’ll need to use those somewhere in your logic.

What’s next? New drivers for even more I/O hardware… stay tuned!


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