Download the Pin Ball Demo

Download the latest SoapBox Core Pin Ball Demo!  Warning: it’s a little bit addictive, and I can’t seem to get past level 2.  Send me a screenshot if you can make it to level 3.  🙂

If you want to see the Extensibility feature of SoapBox Core in action, after you’ve installed the demo, go into C:\Program Files\SoapBox Automation\SoapBox Core Pin Ball Demo\ and grab these two files and move them out of the directory:

  • SoapBox.Demo.PinBall.dll
  • SoapBox.Demo.HighScores.dll

Then run the application.  You’ll notice that all you’re left with is a window without many features.  This is SoapBox Core in its basic form.  The other two DLL’s are add-ins to SoapBox Core.

Source Code

You can access the SoapBox Core (and SoapBox Core Pin Ball Demo) source code from our public SVN repository.

If you’re behind a web proxy that doesn’t allow HTTP OPTIONS verbs, you’ll have a problem connecting to the repository, so here’s a direct link to a zipped archive of a recent build: