Do you want to help make SoapBox Core better?  Here’s what you can do:

  • Report Bugs. If you find a bug in SoapBox Core, let us know.
  • Contribute Code. SoapBox Core is open source.  Have you already fixed a bug in your copy?  We’d love for you to submit a patch and share it with the rest of us.  Got a whole new feature you’d like to add?  Great!  If it’s a small change (less than 8 lines of code) you can send it to us directly, and if it’s longer than that, we need you to sign the Contributor Agreement first.  In all cases, no matter how big the patch, the copyright is shared between you and SoapBox Automation Inc., so you are still free to use your code in your own projects.
  • Teach. Do you want to help others learn about SoapBox Core?  How about writing a tutorial, making a video, or adding to the documentation?  Contact us with your idea and we’ll see how we can help.