Program an Arduino UNO or Nano in Ladder Logic

SoapBox Snap version 2014.07.06 has just been released! You can download it from over at the SoapBox Snap Project Page.

This version adds an Arduino runtime, meaning you can now download SoapBox Snap ladder logic programs to an Arduino and use your Arduino like a PLC. Currently it’s compatible with the Arduino UNO and Nano boards (R3). The SoapBox Snap download includes a firmware sketch (written in C++) which you’ll have to upload to the Arduino in the normal way.

To get you started, I’ve written a complete SoapBox Snap Arduino Tutorial.

As usual, SoapBox Snap, and the SoapBox Snap Arduino Runtime code, is released as open source.

Note that this version of SoapBox Snap no longer has the Game Controllers module in it (due to installer issues). That means the original soft runtime won’t support joysticks and other game controllers.

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